Eat Your Words

The Seattle Edible Book Festival was held last Saturday, March 30. Contestants entered food with literary motifs. Why this endeavor turns so easily to puns I will leave to the reader’s judgement, but rest assured, it does. From The Seattle Times:

Saturday’s annual Seattle Edible Book Festival was a pun-lover’s potluck, in which competitors were asked to represent a favorite book through food. Hence, entries included “Anne of Green Bagels” and a “Communist Can of Pesto.” “Challah-ver’s Twist” featured a golden-brown loaf of challah accompanied by a speech bubble that read, “Please, sir. I want some more.” A large russet potato wielding an asparagus staff and a crown made of a red pepper lorded over a plate of French fries in “Lord of the Fries.”

I cannot resist a well turned pun. Growing up in a family that played with words at the dinner table, I was warped from an early age. Childhood jokes and puns from those dinner-times long ago helped to set certain patterns in my head about what is funny. The informal, spontaneous games families play together form a part of the ritual glue that holds them together.

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