Magic, treachery and true love on a wild deserted island in the middle of the sea

Shakespeare’s The Tempest

In this smooth re-telling of the play in story form, Prospero, Duke of Milan, has been stranded by his enemies upon that island with none for company save his three-year- old daughter, Miranda. Twelve years they endured, while Miranda grew wise under her father’s teaching and beautiful as a rose; and Prospero studied his magic arts and gained great power.

This is a tale of revenge and forgiveness, about freedom and true love, about a wise magician, an angry monster, a grief-stricken king, a handsome prince, two treacherous brothers and a beautiful maiden.


For one day, Prospero’s enemies sailed within the reach of his power–and this is what happened thereafter

Frank Mack, Managing Director, California Shakespeare Festival:
Kahle’sThe Tempest is an outstanding example of how to retain the complexity of characters and brilliance of the language…while also making the work accessible to young minds new to Shakespeare’s infinite world.

Shakespeare: The Tempest: A prose narrative
by Peter V.T. Kahle, illustrated by Barbara Nickerson

Finalist, Independent Publisher Book Awards
Juvenile / Young Adult Fiction Category

Hardbound, 96 pages Eight color and two black and white illustrations Retail price: $22.95 ISBN 0-9655702-2-3 Free Shipping